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Sicilia Terra Aria e Fuoco was founded in 2016 by two friends, who love good food and good wine. Their passion and love for the Sicilian territory led them to found a company to offer the best products of their territory.

Giuseppe Restivo, agricultural entrepreneur, grows his olive trees and vineyards in Partanna, in the heart of Belice Valley. He has a strong background in the food and agricultural industry thanks to his working experience with various companies in the field.

DomenicoMolinini, sales agent, has a marketing and business communication background but his true passion led him to be a chef as well. He attended many cooking courses and has been a member of the FederazioneItalianaCuochi (Italian Cooks’ Federation) for many years. Therefore he often organizes catering services and cooking shows.

The name of the brand wants to express the Sicilian spirit:

  • Terra (soil): the force of nature combined with the human work results in fruits with unique colours and flavours;
  • Aria (air): the pure air and the microclimate of the various Sicilian areas make the local varieties unique;
  • Fuoco (fire): the human warmth, the welcoming attitude and the passion of the Sicilian people.

This spirit is to be found in the products presented by Sicilia Terra Aria e Fuoco. The extra-virgin olive oil, made only with olives Nocellara del Belice, and the table olives Nocellara del Belice come from Giuseppe Restivo’s farm, like the grapes for to vinifyGrillo and Perricone wines, native to Western Sicily.

The charcuterie is made from the typical black pig of the Nebrodi Mountains, bred with ancient methods and with no animal feed. The selection of cheeses includes many Sicilian varieties, ranging from the Pecorino cheese from Belice to the Provola cheese from Montalbano.

The craft beers are brewed in a Sicilian microbrewery, which selects the best malts and hops available on the market.

In some periods of the year we offer also the typical traditional desserts.

All the products that are not coming from our farms are carefully selected for their quality ingredients and the working processes applied. All of them are rigorously Sicilian and local. We furthermore offer catering services and we organize wine and food tours.