Oil and olives

For three generations Family Restivo has been producing our extra-virgin olive oil “ZùVitu” with love from its olive tree groves. Located in the best area to grow olive trees, in Nocella del Belice, our century-old olive trees give every year the joy to season all dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine with an oil that enhances their taste. Lightly spicy with a tomato and almond aftertaste, it is perfect on meat, fish, salads, soups, pasta, steamed or grilled vegetables, fruit salads and pizzas.

The Nocellara del Belice is one of the best table olives in Italy. The only territory where it achieves the best result is the Belice Valley. It is a round-shaped olive with intense green colour, soft and dense pulp with a fruity and very delicate flavour. 

It is traditionally picked by hand, to make sure it is not damaged, in order to offer the best quality.
We crush and season the olives following the typical local recipes.